Now Reading: 11. The Bigamist – Mary Turner Thomson

11. The Bigamist – Mary Turner Thomson

Mary Turner Thomas says she married a bigamist.

She claims her husband, William Allen Jordan had 2 wives, 5 fiancés and fathered dozen of children – and that was just in 2005 alone. God knows how many other women he’s conned.

William Allen Jordan and Mary Turner Thomson

William Allen Jordan and Mary Turner Thomson

How in the world did Mary not know about these other relationships? How can one man pull off a con this big? It’s easy to dismiss Mary as being naive. However, William Jordan was a skilled con man. Once you listen to how they met, and fell in love, it’s easy to understand how he could steal her heart. Little did she know he will eventually steal much more than that.

Mary says that William conned her out of £200,000. How did he do it? He led her to believe that he was a contractor for the CIA and terrorist were holding his family for ransom. As unbelievable as this sounds, he crafted evidence to back up his claims.

Listen to Mary Turner Thomas describe the tactics he used to con her and learn how he finally got caught.




Mary Turner Thomson – The Bigamist

This story was originally reported by my friend Lanie Hobbs at the True Crime Fan Club. I highly recommend you check out their show.

You can find Mary’s book titled The Bigamist on Amazon.

She is also on Twitter @TheBigamistBook or at



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