Now Reading: Birth of a Con Man – Part 1

Birth of a Con Man – Part 1

Imagine, you’re driving on the road when suddenly a beat-down car full of passengers pulls into the lane right in front of you. Then, suddenly, the driver slams on the brakes. You look up at your rear view mirror, but it’s too late, you’re in a three-way accident.

But no one should be hurt. It was a minor fender bender, right? Wrong. All eight passengers stumble out of both cars holding their necks and rolling around on the ground. The police officer shows up and incredulously writes up an accident report.

In part one of the Birth of a Con Man, hear how Erik Torres became a career criminal, a con man.

He started scamming auto insurance companies, then the con got bigger and more elaborate. You see, that’s how it works. Once a con man gets away with it once, they have to do it again. But the next time, the con is bigger and more complex.

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