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Birth of a Con Man part 2

Last time on Pretend Radio we witnessed the birth of a con man. Erik Torres started his criminal career as a street thug and worked his way up to car insurance scam artist.

Here’s how how it works. Erik stages car accidents then the driver goes to his medical clinic and takes out a $10,000 personal injury claim. He made killing scamming thousands from car insurance companies.

Surprise, surprise… he got caught and was facing some serious jail time.

He could have easily walked away from without going to prison. All he had to do was rat out the guy running the medical clinic.

So why didn’t he do it? Why didn’t he cooperate with authorities and turn in the owner of the fake medical clinic?

Erik Torres: I remember I went to jail and I ended up going to court. And the prosecutor was like, “Hey man, you don’t want to talk on your guy.” And I said, “I have nothing to talk to you about this guy.” You want to go to jail and stay in good terms with people because when you come back, you’ll need them.

So, who is this guy? The owner of the clinic? His name is Dixan Barcelo-Castro.

The moment Erik set foot outside out of prison, Dixan Barcelo had a job lined up for him. You see, the whole time Erik was doing time in jail, covering for him, Dixan was operating another medical clinic. This time a pain management clinic.

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