Now Reading: 12: The Snake Oil Salesman

12: The Snake Oil Salesman

People are drinking a bleach-type substance called MMS to cure autism, depression, HIV, and cancer.

MMS, or Miracle Mineral Supplement, was developed by Jim Humble. He said he discovered it while mining for gold in Venezuela. When his men started showing sings of malaria, he gave them chlorinated water. Hours later, his men were up laughing like if nothing ever happened.

The main ingredient in MMS is chlorine dioxide–a power oxidizing agent. Despite the warnings from the FDA, the alternative medicine community has embraced this homeopathic protocol with open arms. The people who take it claim it cures everything from headaches, lyme disease, malaria, HIV, hepatitis, and cancer.

When I first discovered this trend, I thought surely this must be a small group of people. Seriously, who would take this stuff? But then I realized this is actually a huge movement among the alternative medicine community. I was outraged. How can people believe that drinking a cleaning product could actually be good for you?

In this episode you’ll hear from Jim Humble– the man who discovered this “miracle cure.” I also talk with two women who have taken MMS.

Special thanks to Chris Cogswell with the Mad Scientist Podcast and Dr. Matt Zuckerman with the TOXnow Podcast.

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