LaDonna Humphrey:

True Crime Author & Podcaster Accused of Harassment & Fabricating Evidence for Content

Alecia thought LaDonna Humphrey was helping her figure out how a traumatic experience from her past might be connected to the murder of Melissa Witt in 1994. Then she started getting some frightening emails.

Alecia’s Past

Way before she met LaDonna Humphrey, as a young woman in Portland Oregon, Alecia got an unusual job. She was the assistant to an adult film producer and photographer who specialized in fetish content. Mostly, Alecia reports, it was related to clowns. A little odd, but nothing worrisome. Then one day, her boss convinced her to pose as a dead body for one of his shoots — appearing as if she had been strangled and wearing nothing but a Mickey Mouse watch.

Death Fetish video featuring Mickey Mouse watch
Death Fetish video featuring Mickey Mouse watch
Meeting LaDonna

Years later, Alecia learns about an old murder case in Arkansas that bears an uncanny resemblance to the shoot. In the 1990s, a woman named Melissa Witt was strangled to death, and a Mickey Mouse watch was missing from her wrist when her body was found. The missing watch led to suspicions that the murderer might still possess it. Curious if her experience might be connected to this case, Alecia reaches out to LaDonna Humphrey.

Alecia Lockhart (left) and LaDonna Humphrey (right) sit behind a table with copies of the book they wrote together, Strangled
Alecia Lockhart (left) and LaDonna Humphrey (right)
Becoming Collaborators

LaDonna Humphrey considers herself an expert on the Melissa Witt case. When the authorities show no interest in Alecia’s information, LaDonna takes her under her wing, making her feel crucial to solving the case. She compensates Alecia for researching the fetish film producer, and together they begin co-authoring a book. However, things take a dark turn when Alecia starts receiving threatening emails and messages from an internet user named Fetish Master, who claims they will kidnap, harm, and abuse her. LaDonna suspects the fetish producer is behind these threats. Yet, despite the sinister username, nothing is as it seems. In this scenario, solving the crime is the actual scam.

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